Happy New Year

With Rosh Hashanah behind us and Yom Kippur still ahead, now's the time to wish all of you a very happy 5775. Hard to believe 5774 is already in the history books. I'm very proud that my synagogue, Temple B'nai Israel, is featured in Pilot Error. Thanks a lot to Anna Alpert who took on the role of the temple librarian and Rabbi Alan Alpert. Big news is that our editor Gene Gamache has now locked the film and we're off to sound design and color correction. Can you believe our first premiere events are only a little over a month away.  Looking forward to seeing all of you at one of these screenings. This movie thing takes some getting used to but I'm enjoying watching others work after a lot of shooting, pickup shots and additional dialogue replacement. Here's something fun. The great Ann Arbor actress Julia Glander, who plays my mom, did the final voice replacement to get the pronunciation of the word Chai right. That's Hebrew for life!

Take care.



Nicola Wilson

Nicola Wilson is an award-winning author and airline industry journalist, whose ground-breaking book Pilot Error has just been made into a major motion picture.