Great Wrap Party

Deeply touched by the wonderful turnout for our Wrap Party at the Harbor Theater last night. in Muskegon.  Our special guest, retired Delta Pilot Bob Hesselbein from Madison,Wisconsin, did a great job explaining the story behind our film.  Bob, who headed the Airline Pilots Association security committee and has flown commercial and military jets for over 40 years, answered many questions and spent more than two hours speaking with our guests.  The first fifteen minutes of the film received a high five from audiences. Many thanks to our director Joe Anderson and editor Gene Gamache.  Can't wait to see the rest of the film. 


P.S.  We shot my final pickup shots and audio after the party.  It really is a wrap.  

Nicola Wilson

Nicola Wilson is an award-winning author and airline industry journalist, whose ground-breaking book Pilot Error has just been made into a major motion picture.