Pilot Error DVD. (Click HERE)


Pilot Error DVD. (Click HERE)



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"Pilot Error is  great work and very valuable in exposing a huge safety issue and will go a long way in preventing these tragedies in the future.  I intend to integrate Pilot Error into two courses I teach for Embry Riddle."                                                                                                                                 -Dr. Gary Helmer. Embry Riddle, Washington D.C.   


"Inspired by the tragic loss of Air France Flight 447, one of the most important accidents of our time, Pilot Error does a great job of eradicating pilot error as the sole cause of these highly controversial accidents.  Pilot Error is an educational film that explains the deeper issues with highly automated cockpits and the organizational interests that surround accident investigations."

               -Dr. Chris Johnson, Director of Flight Simulation Research, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin

Investigative reporter Nicola Wilson is determined to find out why a French jet headed from South America to Paris disappeared in the Atlantic, taking her close friend Helene Brocart and 211 other passengers with it. 

How can a plane just disappear? As Nicola digs deeper into this mystery, she puts her job, friends and very livelihood on the line. Even though she knows nothing about aviation, refuses to fly and doesn't speak French, Nicola quickly uncovers astonishing details about the missing flight. Was it preventable? Has it happened before? Could it happen again? And was it PILOT ERROR.

This up to the minute story, inspired by true events, eerily echoes the March 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Air 370. Based on more than five years of research and more than 300 interviews with pilots, airlines, airplane manufacturers, accident investigators, scientists, oceanographers, government agencies and search teams, this feature film stars award winning actress Kate Thomsen with Richard Riehle (Office Space), Robert Cicchini (Godfather III), Deborah Staples, Jennifer Jelsema and Larry Herron.

Pilot Error was produced in Michigan by Flight Safety Information Contributing Editor Roger Rapoport who cowrote the screenplay with director Joe Anderson. Cinematographer David Darling was assisted by Bruce Schermer who was director of photography on Sundance Grand Prize winner Chameleon Street. The score was composed by emmy award winner Garth Neustadter. Filmed on location in Michigan, Wisconsin and Paris. Available exclusively at this website. 

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