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Lyric Cinema Cafe Fort Collins, Colorado June 16 and 17

  • Lyric Cinema Cafe 300 E. Mountain Avenue Fort Collins, Colorado (map)

Pilot Error's Colorado premiere features a pilot led talkback.  The Lyric is a wonderful venue, More information at the theater's website or call 970 493-0893.    Here is how the Lyric describes itself. 

The Lyric is what some would call a quaint twin theater. Funky, maze-like and unique. It started as an idea that two guys had and saw no reason not to pursue. Both from Fort Collins, both knew as little about opening a theater as anyone else in town, but recognized that if they didn’t open it, someone else would. If you look hard, you can actually see blood stains and indents in the walls from all the injuries these legendary men accrued during the construction of this theater.

If you are expecting a multiplex with a 30 foot screen, stadium seating and DTS surround sound, you will be disappointed. What we offer is the chance to see a new smaller movie (that will never come to the bigger theaters), sit on a couch, drink a glass of wine or beer, enjoy some good finger foods and relax. We think of The Lyric as our living room, where we watch  good movies and invite the rest of Fort Collins to join us, and hopefully you will eventually trust our taste in movies and come no matter what’s playing.

Of course, if you aren’t a movie person, couldn’t care less about independent and foreign films and just want a spot to hang out, we highly recommend Starbucks…and if you don’t like that conglomerate chain atmosphere and need something less trendy and billion-dollar-corporationy, well, The Lyric Cafe might just hit the spot. We serve beer, wine, coffee, tea, bubble tea, finger foods, baked goods (our baker,Puffin Pastry, bakes a mean pie), sandwiches… you name it, we’ve probably got it. Not only that, we happen to be game nuts, so we have an assortment of games to enjoy while you aren’t enjoying a movie.




The most common question we get at The Lyric is “How does this work?” I figure this is because we have a cafe as well as a theater. Kinda throws people for a loop. Well, the way it works is the cafe is a cafe, we serve food, drinks and a nice atmosphere to hang out in, but, in addition, you can treat it as if it were a movie theater concessions stand and buy what you want and head into one of the theaters. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. If you don’t have 2 hours to commit to a movie, you don’t have to, if you do and want to see something with a beer and a hummus plate, then go right ahead.

We are in the middle of switching to an all-local menu! We recently revamped our entire menu to bring you delectable treats like our 1554 bratwurst served with local sauerkraut, an antipasto plate, and delicious delicious bagel sandwiches and paninis!