Pilot Error is the ideal aviation safety film for your campus.   Here are some of the benefits of hosting a screening with a pilot led talkback.

 . Inspired by true events, Pilot Error makes a timely case for the kind of hands on stick and rudder training and simulator experience that is already central to your curriculum.

 . The relatable stories in this drama put a human face on one of the most important issues in aviation, building respect for the job dedicated pilots do every day. The film validates the idea that the number one safety item on any plane is a well trained pilot. 

 .  This up to the minute film helps explain why American university pilot training remains a model and why our nation’s commercial air safety record is among the world’s best.  It also sheds light on air safety stories in other parts of the world such as Malaysia Air 370 and Air Asia 8501.

 . Talkbacks with veteran training pilots provided by our company or your university offer real time interaction with speakers.

 . Air France 447, the accident that inspired this film, is one of the most important teaching moments in aviation history.  This event has triggered numerous reforms in pilot training, stall avoidance procedures, hardware and software modifications, new regulatory procedures, updates to crew resource management curriculum and safety management systems.

 . The perfect event for groups of all sizes, Pilot Error is a great way to begin an interdepartmental human factors conversation with professional audiences, students and the general public.

 . The production team provides resources to make sure that the film helps promote the good work being done by your department. For pubic events you will receive trailer links, posters, media kits, press releases, postcards and flyers.  Speakers will be available to do media interviews focused on the need for excellent pilots trained at top tier university aviation programs.



                                                     BOOKING INFORMATION REQUEST


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Please return to Dewey Decimal Productions 1487 Glen Avenue, Muskegon, MI 49441.  Phone (231) 720-0930.   Send to rogerdrapoport@me.com  Let us know if you need a review copy of the film via DVD or streaming. 

SPECIAL EAA NOTE:  Pilot Error plays July 17-22 at Wisconsin’s Oshkosh Cinema, 340 South Koeller before and during the EAA Air Venture Show. Special training pilot led talkbacks are set for 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sunday July 19.  Producer Roger Rapoport and chief technical advisor Robert Hesselbein will attend.  Details are at http://marcustheatres.com/Theatre/TheatreDetail/139/   Call (920) 233-1570 for reservations.


                                                    MAJOR TOPICS COVERED IN PILOT ERROR

 Based on more than five years of research, Pilot Error offers timely insights into an accident that has a major impact on stall avoidance procedures, stick and rudder training, simulator instruction, software and handware, transoceanic meteorology forecasting and accident reporting.  Some experts believe that all aviation history will be divided into two chapters, before and after Air France 447, the accident that inspired this film.

 Here are some of the discussion topics highlighted by the film:

 High altitude stick and rudder jet performance.

 What happens when backup systems fail.

 Unanticipated icing of pitot static systems at high altitude.

 Crew resource management.

 The unanticipated consequences of automation failure.

 Anticipating aerodynamic stalls.

 Handling false stall alarms.

 Dual pilot inputs cancelling each other out.

 How the aviation industry looks at risk.

 How safety reporting based on subjective human assessment can fall short.



                                              WHAT THE PILOTS ARE SAYING ABOUT PILOT ERROR     

  A well researched movie that could ultimately be a game changer.  The potential impact on aviation safety may be comparable to the way Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle produced public food and drug protections."

-Michael Hahn, Veteran international airline training pilot


“An excellent film that exemplifies the importance of piloting skills and radar interpretation, done in an understandable and concise format”.

-Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Professor Gregory Zhornacky


“Pilot Error dramatically points out the importance of training crews to be pilots first, computer operators second. It demonstrates the tragic results of overconfidence in technology during emergency situations and provides dramatic insight into the imperfect world of pilot training and dealing with advanced aircraft technology.

-Robert Hesselbein, veteran airline training captain, accident investigator and former chair of the Airline Pilots Association’s security committee


“Inspired by the tragic loss of Air France Flight 447, one of the most important accidents of our time, Pilot Error does a great job of eradicating pilot error as the sole cause of these highly controversial accidents.  It is an educational film that does a great job of explaining the deeper issues with highly automated cockpits and the organizational interests that surround accident investigations.

- Dr. Chris Johnson, Director of Flight Simulation Research, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin


"A movie that should be seen. Airline safety has become a bureaucracy more concerned with self perpetuation than changes that might make a difference."

-Captain Shem Malmquist, veteran international pilot and aviation accident investigator


Trailer at https://vimeo.com/110034584      




                                                         PILOT ERROR FACT SHEET

            Produced on location in Michigan, Wisconsin and Paris, Pilot Error is screening this year at over 200 cinemas, universities and performing arts centers nationwide with additional events planned in Europe and South America. Our world premiere was at the Air Zoo museum in Portage, Michigan and this up to the minute film continues to attract many aviation professionals, instructors and students at every event.

Run Time: 1 hour 52 minutes

Format: DCP, Blu-Ray and DVD

Producer: Roger Rapoport

Director: Joe Anderson

Cinematographers; David Darling and Bruce Schermer

Composer: Garth Neustadter

Editor: Gene Gamache

Principal Cast:
Nicola Wilson  - Kate Thomsen

Roy Grimm – Richard Riehle

Philippe Bernard – Robert Cicchini

Rob Ellis – Larry Herron

Carol Richard – Jennifer Jelsema

Helene Brocart – Deborah Staples

Martin Brocart – Michael Brian Ogden

Aviation Consultants:

Chief Consultant: Captain Robert Hesselbein, Norm Gage, Gideon Ewers, Heinz Fruhwirth, Michael Hahn, Jim Nielsen, William Rhodes,  Shem Malmquist, Pierre Sparaco



                                                             ABOUT BOOKING PILOT ERROR

 "A first-class ticket around the worlds of theater and filmmaking."

-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

 The perfect aviation safety movie for your students, Pilot Error is the acclaimed new feature film inspired by the true story of a missing French jet.  Professors from the aviation programs at Embry Riddle, Western Michigan University, the University of Wisconsin and University of Dubuque have appeared at talkbacks along with prominent accident investigators, The filmThe film is available on DVD and review/examination copies are available.   The film’s trailer is at https://vimeo.com/110034584

 Pilot led talkbacks are featured at all screenings and principals from the film are available by special arrangement.  Based on five years of research with top aviation experts around the world, this up to the minute air safety film can be booked for your university or special event by emailing info@pilot-errormovie.com or calling 231-720-0930.